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Contribute to the sustainable development of society through the training of people empowered by sustainability and the advice of organizations that progress towards a management model based on the generation of environmental, economic, and social value.

At Bioscience we apply the principles of nature sciences to contribute to sustainable corporate processes. We provide consulting and training services to accelerate the transition of organizations towards sustainable development.


Every organization has a potential for sustainability, that is the ability to generate environmental and social value in its stakeholders that allows it to maximize its economic value, promoting a virtuous cycle that ensures its permanence over time. Through our services we support organizations to develop their sustainability power.


Corporate sustainability requires empowered and knowledgeable people to lead change in your organization. For this we develop corporate training programs and specific courses that transfer knowledge and experience necessary to improve the socio-environmental performance of the organization.


Consulting services

Corporate sustainability ESG

Corporate sustainability ESG

Design and implementation of corporate sustainability strategies, ASG indicators and sustainability reports (GRI, SASB) or integrated (IRC). Community relations and sustainable procurement programs.

Ecological footprint

Ecological footprint

Development of GHG inventories and organizational carbon footprint and products. Water Footprint Assessment. Corporate biodiversity plans. Environmental footprint verification. Decarbonisation and neutralization of GHG emissions programs.



Environmental efficiency studies and alignment with ISO standards. Energy Management Systems. Water balances and loss detection. Ecological risk analysis.

Circular economy

Circular economy

Design and implementation of circularity strategies. Detection of circular development opportunities in the business value chain. Waste management programs. Circularity reports.

Carbon Neutral International Program

We are representative agents of the International Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting Program 100%CarbonNeutral® that provides integrated services and strategic support to organizations in accounting, reporting and neutralization of greenhouse gases, as well as carbon neutrality process certification.

Our Program assumes an active role during the execution of the processes of companies interested in measuring, verifying, and neutralizing the carbon footprint of their operations, events, projects, and productive assets, as well as for those organisations interested in verifying and certifying their decarbonisation processes with international recognition.

100%CarbonNeutral® was cofounded by Foundation of New York, EUA, and CO2 Balance Ltd of Somerset, England. Both entities providing international support to the Programme.


Training services


We design corporate courses in Sustainability Management, Climate Change and Carbon Footprint, Energy Efficiency, Community Relations, among others.

Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement

We design corporate courses in methodologies of operational excellence: TPM, LEAN, 5S Continuous improvement.

Management systems

We conduct corporate courses in environmental management, quality management, food safety and safety, SSO management.

Enginery and technology

We conduct corporate courses in industrial engineering processes such as: industrial electricity, pneumatics, mechanics and lubrication, and cybersecurity, among others.

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We are a company recognized by SENCE for the use of tax exemption.

Request information about our courses through our contact box

We are a company recognized by SENCE for the use of tax exemption.


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Sustainability Training Program

We celebrate World Environment Day by certifying the first leaders in sustainability in Agrosuper’s Doñihue Food Factory operation. They were trained in sustainable water, energy

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Since 2009, we have contributed directly to more than thirty organizations in Chile and Latin America in their transition to a sustainable development model.


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